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Can I gift/donate my Turkish property to a family member

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Can I gift/donate my Turkish property to a family member?

It is possible to gift your property to a partner, spouse or third party for free.
This can take time and does require all parties to be present, those listed as owners on the Tapu or their power of attoneys, as well the the person to be gifted the home.

You first have to inform the Land Registry Office of your intentions to give away full rights to your property to another party.
You will then need to pay the legal fees involved, normally approx 7% (more than normal sale expences) of property value as registered at the Land Registry office
(You will then need to supply all the normal documents required for as selling a property – the Title Deed, Passport and Translation of passport, Declaration, 2 x Passport Photos and your tax number.

You can contact us for more detailed informations. We dont charge for property consultancy.

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