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Selling my property in Fethiye Turkey with new regulation 5th June 2018

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Selling property in Fethiye Turkey with new regulation 5th June 2018

Turkey property market’s  the new regulation 5th June 2018.

The aim of this regulation is to regulate the procedures and principles regarding real estate trade in Turkey.

You can contact to a reliable real estate company in Fethiye, operating on new homes and resale properties in the area.

You can still try to sell your property yourself, but we reccomend you  to contact to realiable estate agent in the region.

According to new regulations about new and resale properties in Turkey which were announced by Ministry of Customs and Trade at 5th June 2018:

You need to sign a contract with an estate agent in the reagon where you want to sell your property for 3 months.

And you can write on the contract, you agree that this estate agent that can collaborate with the other estate agents to sell your property quicker.

This agent will be your property agent max. 3 months.

Please control after this 3 months period how the contract ends, before the sign. Some contracts can be prepared renewable when the contract is over 3 months later after signing.

According to new regulation to all the agents will have to have an “authorization certificate”  to have  have ability to be estate agent. Goverment will announce and control.  Authorization certificate of real estate offices that do not comply with the rules can be canceled for up to two years by the goverment.

The new law is aiming to stop money losses and dissapointments and regulating the property market.

The real estate trade will be carried out legally only by these merchants who have received authorization certificates on behalf of the enterprise.

Take care not to trade with people who do not have a certificate of authority and do not engage legally in real estate business, and do not have a legal property agent office .


The Ministry of Customs and Commerce the new rules published the Official Gazette on June 5, 2018 and the Regulation on the PROPERTY TRADE with number 30442.

It should be accepted as a beginning for the regulation of the real estate sector.

In terms of investment, it is brought to the control of sales-intermediation activities of such a significant sector.

Conditions are set in the regulation of the sector.

Real estate buyers, property sellers and real estate agents are protected by regulation. It is aimed to prevent the negativities such as fraud and dissapointments and  to increase the professional standards of the real estate.

It is aimed to avoid loss of taxes and dissapointments which was happened in the past.

Real estate trading, brokerage activities are recorded by the Gverment.

With the regulation, real estate consultants are empowered in matters related to their activities, and at the same time responsibility is imposed.

Real estate consultants will not be able to provide real estate consultancy and brokerage, sales and leasing activities without the "Professional Qualification Certificate" which can be obtained from the institutions authorized by the Vocational Qualifications Authority and without the "Authorization Certificate" given by the Commercial Provincial Directorates.

With the regulation, the Ministry of Customs and Trade establishes " Property Trade Information System" within three months and the authorities related to these activities are included in this system and the ministry publishes these persons and organizations on the web page.

With these new regulations; the real estate consultation will be carried out by the resident offices in a fixed address.

Concepts such as mobile real estate, barman, shoe shiners and waiters selling property and home office are coming to an end.

Real estate consulting becomes a prestigious profession.

In addition, the real estate consultancy office will only be able to act as brokerage agents for real estate purchase, sale, leasing and title deeds. It will not be involved in any business other than these activities. So, real estate - auto trading, real estate-construction contracting can not be done together.

The subject matter will only be real estate.

The real estate commission rate is also determined as 4% + VAT. Unless otherwise agreed upon with the contract, it shall be equally distributed between the buyer and the seller. (But this rate can be changed according to individual contracts)

The property owner authorizes the property adviser ( estate agent) by signing a valid contract for up to 3 months with the real estate agent and real estate agent who has the authority certificate about the property they want to sell.

And also the real estate agent can authorize the other real estate agent or agents by signing the "Sales Brokerage Agreement", collaborating to sell the property quicker, if agreed on the sale contract which was signed with property owner.

Also with the regulation; at least 30 m2 condition for real estate offices and at least high school graduation of real estate advisors.

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