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What fees are involved in selling my Turkish property

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What fees are involved in selling my Turkish property

1- Three percent of the agreed sales price is normally required to be paid to the estate agency for their services on sale of the property. This fee can vary in some cases if previously agreed in writing. That is estate agent fee 

2- Capital Gains Tax. This is required if selling within five years of initial purchase. It is a variable charge. Please see above explanation.

3- Sales Transfer Fee. A Stamp Duty of 4% (plus some additional admin fees) is required on sale/purchase of a property. And additional approx. 350 tl some other taxes in volved.

But according to new regulations up to 31.10.2018, on house, apartments and commorcial properties stampt duty 0f 4% reduced to 3% totally for buyer and seller. So buyer pays 1.5% and seller pays 1.5% till 31.10.2018.

The deed transfer fee should be split equally by both buyer and seller, in practice the buyer to pay the full amounth on purchase. The responsibility for this charge should be made clear and noted in the terms of sale and during negotiations and advised to be written at the sale contract..

At the same time as a property owner as a non Turkish citizen selling your property the sworn translater will translate to you what are you siging for at the Land Registry Office, which will cost 100.- TL. for the seller. If buyer is non Turkish Citizen will be charged the same amounth to buyer as well.

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