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What Documents do i need to sell my property in Turkey

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What Documents do i need to sell my property in Turkey

To sell a property in Turkey a number of documents is required by the Land Registry Office so that the transfer documents can be arranged and the sale processed. The buyer and seller will need to supply the following documents:

Passport : Your original passport required to start to sale process.  This, along with the passport will be required by the Land Registry office for the sale of the property in Turkey to proceed.
Your original passport. 

Tax Number. You will be asked for this number – you should already have a tax number if you are the owner of a Turkish property.

Passport Photos. Required 2 photos for the Land Registry Office.

Title Deed.

Valuation document of your property from the Local Councel.

DASK insurance if you are selling a house or apartment. If you have already one policy, it will be handy.

And a signed document to start the sale process.
Which will be supplied by your agent or solicitor.

Documents will be signed at the Land Registry office after preparation of sale documents. 

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