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What is Kat irtifak tapu

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What is Kat irtifak tapu , Kat irtifak title

Kat irtifak title ( kat irtifak tapu ) is a provisional title deed relating to a property in a project which has not been fully completed.

There is nothing in itself wrong with a kat irtifak tapu. You will often receive one when buying into a new development but, once the development is completed, it needs to be upgraded into a full, permanent title which is ( Kat mülkiyeti tapu) .

"Kat mülkiyet tapu" also means the building completed, and habitation permission received from the cocal councel and registered on the title deed.

It’s important to make sure that there is no apparent obstacle to this being done, and that the seller has an obligation to assist in that process.

If you do not do this, you can find that it becomes hard to sell the property.

"Kat irtifak tapu" needs to be converted in to permanent title which is "Kat mülkiyeti tapu" after the building finished and controled by the local councel. Building company or owner of the builing will complete this process after receing habitation permission which is granted by the Local Councel.

Some builder and building owner do not complete the process, because of  either the building has not built according to plan and permission, or has not paid the taxes which is paid during the building process.

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